Bathurst Pool
High Street
United Kingdom
GL15 5DY

Tel: 01594 842625


Bathurst swimming pool is open to the general public between 12 noon - 6 pm.

Entry fee for 2016:   Children & Students £2

                                Adults, Spectators & Senior Citizens £3

Please check the local weather by clicking on the following link:

Serious Swim Club  10 - 12 noon and 6 - 7 pm ( 7.30 pm Wednesdays)

Silver Card Membership £35

Gold Card Membership £50 (entry to pool from 10 am - 7pm (7.30pm Wednesdays)

Please contact Bob Berryman at the pool for opening confirmation. (01594) 842036 or 07810 507752



Welcome to Bathurst Pool

Given as a present to the 'inhabitants of Lydney and Aylburton' by the Bathurst family in 1920, Bathurst Swimming Pool in Lydney is considered to be one of Gloucestershire's best kept secrets.

This 38 metre outdoor pool in the Forest of Dean is run by volunteers and open for at least ten weeks during the summer each year. Costing £3.00 for adults (including Spectators and OAP) and £2.00 for children and students.  We are open at other times depending on the weather, details on the hours or contact us links.


Serious Swim Club Members: Donations

Non-Serious Swim Club Members: £4 + sign Disclaimer

This is a non-lifeguarded Event for Adults - Length Swimming Only

Come and join us for a fun night out!

Our Summer Season is drawing to a close, so make sure that you come along and have a wonderful swim in the pool before we close. Our last Public Session will be on 4th September and we will announce the closing date for Our Serious Swim Club shortly.


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